AA My new theory on AA

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AA My new theory on AA

Post  three33320 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:49 am

I heard a comment yesterday that with pocket AA you either win small or lose big.
The pundits say with AA you want it all in. But you can say that with all big cards KK QQ even AK. PF.

I have been thinking about all the times I have been busted with AA and have come to the conclusion that most of the time that shoving PF you don’t give the J Q suited etc. the option to fold if they are determined to play them. But if you let them see the flop and u then see that there are no F draws poss.unless with RR then you can reevaluate. shove or slow play as you wish..

From here on in I will play my AA just like any other PP. Depending were I am on the table (position) If Im on SB or BB in the 1st round of betting and there are 3 or more callers I will raise big to alliminate those who are just limping with suited or suited Cons. The rest I welcome KK QQ JJ but it is still a flip.

I mostly welcome AK AQ and AJ etc in particular cos. these hands have got to connect twice to beat your AA. I have lots more to say about AA but im fkn cheesed off a bit with just been donked out of another tourney 3 b4 getting paid . GL all

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Re: AA My new theory on AA

Post  jjjach on Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:47 am

Hi three AA what a subject.As a person who likes to play AA i'll give you my take on it.I will get my AA in pre all the time.But the difference between us is the level we play.If i raise big pre and get reraised i know they have a massive pr.See in micro stakes 99.9% of players reraise only with KK or AA.They don't reraise with likes of AQ or AK.So i like the money to go in pre.Of course when i shove with AA and get called by KK and the flop comes QQK i think grrrr lol.I want those calls all day long.See if he has KK and i flat and i get an A high flop i'm losing so many of his/her chips.Still as i said you play higher than me the game plays a tad different.

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