The luck and skill of coming home with a pocket full of cash..

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The luck and skill of coming home with a pocket full of cash..

Hi all,

Thought i'd tell you about a nice evening of poker I had a fortnight ago..

I've been playing at a new venue that opened up earlier this year, it caters for snooker/pool/darts and they have 5 poker nights a week.

I only play on the Saturday night as only night I can really go over. The tournament starts at 8 with an hour of late reg, but if you reg before 8 you get 10k starting stack compared to 8k for late reg, so I normally arrive early.

Well a fortnight ago i'd had a really busy day, late dinner, so didn't arrive till 8:30, so decided to wait till 8:55 before I entered. There was the usual crowd in plus about 20 new faces so a decent size field and a nice prize pool. Played steady for about 3 hours , chatting away, not really getting into any big pots with anyone and before I realised had managed to make the final table although with the lowest stack, at the point I was 2 away from a min cash, as luck would have it, 1st hand of final table the chip leader ended up against to opponents holding 6's against 10's and kings. he ended up winning the hand with quads, the luck of some ppl lol.. Which in turn meant I had min cashed for £80. About 6 hands later picked up a,q shoved against a,k and that was that.

Normally I would then have gone home as I don't normally play cash against the regulars as they've normally had a few beers by that point and it gets a bit out of control, but because there was a lot more people than normal there was 5 cash tables on the go, so I joined a £1/£2 table, exchanged £100 up and began to grind. This was about midnight.

About an hour later had my first big hand, i'd grinded up to £182, which I was quite happy with , had picked my spots against a player who i'd been watching during the tournament and thought I knew when he was bluffing and when he'd got a hand. Well I got dealt A,10 both diamonds, i'm in the big blind, had 3 callers then the lad in question raised to £10, folded around to me, I called, and 1 of the initial callers called the other 2 folded, so 3 to the flop. the flop came 5,9,j all diamonds, obviously my heart starts racing a bit, the lad bet £25, i'd watched him think about it and reckoned he'd probably hit trips and it looked like he'd got a hand, no tell tell bluff sign, I called and the other person folds. The turn was a 8 of clubs. He now bets £40, still reckon he's hit something although i'm not certain what, but I know i'm ahead so raise it to £50. He insta shoves on me with a massive grin on his face. It took me another minute to double check I had what I thought I had before I called, he turned over pocket jacks, so when he looked at my cards and realised I had him beat at the point he was shocked, said he put me on a straight draw. River blanked and I can't remember what it was but i'd doubled up, he still had about £500 on the table.

About 15 mins later we faced off again, this time he gave his tell away and I managed another £100 out of him before he folded. I was just above £600 then, and thinking about calling it a day, went and got myself a bottle of water and went to the toilet to calm down a bit. when I came back I realised he'd changed about another £500 up giving him about £750 in chips in front of him, he said to me needed to change some more money up so I can win it back off you. I smiled and sat back down, thinking 1 more big hand.

The next 2 hours where quiet I'd gone down to £470 before getting a few back and upto £825, was pretty tired and thought 1 more rotation and i'm off, that turned into 2 rotations but i'm glad it did.

My last hand of the night, I got dealt pocket aces, first time all night, nice friendly pot got called round to me and I raised to £15 would have to happy to take it down at the point, the same lad raised it to £45. I thought ok i'll take down the £70 odd in the pot and so I said all in, he jumped up and said I call, turned over kings the look of horror when I showed him the aces, especially when two kind soles on the table informed us they'd both folded kings. the board went 6,9,4,8,q. He counted out his chips, and shoved them at me, so I bagged them up and walked over to the cashier. To be fair to the bloke he said well played, but did mutter i'll have you next time..

The only downside to the whole story is the money disappeared into  the misses handbag on the Monday morning and she spent the lot on paying off our holiday next year.. So I haven't actually seen a penny of it.

I also go a bollocking off the misses for going all in with with £800 from my initial £100, normally when i'd have hit £300 i'd have walked away and if it hadn't been for the lad I won most of the money from I probably would have. plus if I hadn't of sat opposite him during the tournament for 3 hours I wouldn't of noticed his tells. So as with most things poker related , in order to win, you need luck combined with a little bit of skill, which gives you the confidence to push that sort of money over the line and say all in..

GL at the tables...

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The luck and skill of coming home with a pocket full of cash.. :: Comments


Post on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:04 am  Pokertrev

Nice Bloggage and well played.

Always nice to walk away from a cah table a few hundred up - wd m8y

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