Darts is a Wonderful Game

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Darts is a Wonderful Game

Post  Pokertrev on Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:47 pm

Just wish I was better at it.

Been playing for many years and used to be quite good as a league player, then had about 10 years off and started playing again about 5 years ago but i've never hit the level I used to play at. I wear glasses too so I have had to change my style of play as I keep catching them with my flights. Unfortunately i'm unsuitable for contact lenses apparently so just have to persiveer I suppose.

Ok - I don't go out 5 or 6 nights a week like I used to and it's all probably all down to lack of practice as I only play one night a week now and sunday dinner times.

I really enjoy the game, but sometimes it's as frustrating as poker - I know I can be good at it but i'm just not getting the results lol.

Phil Taylor is my hero and before that is was John Lowe, Bobby George and the Bristow era. I don't think I will ever see another player in my lifetime achieve anything anywhere near what Phil Taylor has done in his, he is awsome.

Anyway - I got beat in my match last night 2-1 (story of my season so far) but on a plus side the team won 10-8 against a pretty good opposition. It's not looking like our team are winning any trophies this year as we are newley formed and I don't think i've hit a single 180 in a match yet this season.

Still - Its always a good night out.

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Re: Darts is a Wonderful Game

Post  chubbers on Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:57 am

Hi Trev,

Couldn't agree more m8, darts is a wonderful game.

I started playing , due to our pool team deciding on thurs and fri nights we'd play darts, was never brilliant but held my own in division 3 lol, won more than i lost, then the more i practiced better i got. Due to one thing and another the team split up after about 5 yrs, so stopped playing concentrated on pool (which i played county for). Then started working in my local about 6 yrs ago and got back into darts for about 3 yrs, then met the current fiancee and that all stopped , play thurs nights now, i know i'm there weakest link so to speak but i turn up if they need me to play, so normally get two singles and a doubles. last night played a kid (18 yr old) he beat me 3-0 in 1st singles, with 2 12 darters, awesome kid. lol. Well won my doubles, lost next singles, but the team won 6-4. Love the game just don't get to practice much..

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