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Using the chatbox

Post  FlyingDagg on Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:10 am


Had an idea on how we can utilise the chat feature on the new forum. When we are trying to organise sit n gos etc if a player is sat at a table then it's not a problem to contact them unless they are on mini. But sometimes players are logged in but not actually doing anything. If you log into the forum and click login for the chatbox (top right corner of chatbox) you can keep that page open and see who is logged in to chat. Even if you have tables open you can still do this by minimising the chatbox page manually to any size or by clicking the little square at the top. It may help whether it does in reality we shall have to see. So when I start playing tonight I'll log into our chat as well. We can then have dialogue away from others at the table too!

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