3rd in the 6 max spt at the dusk till dawn

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3rd in the 6 max spt at the dusk till dawn

ok this is my 1st effort of a blog ( not even sure what a blog is )

Got to the final break of day one and i was down to around nine big blinds ,i had texted my friends and family telling them that i would probably be coming home on the first train in the morning as i was currently in 36 th place out of the 36 people remaining !! I was supposed to be attending a christening on the sunday anyway so it would save me some grief off the parents by attending that .
I decided that i would have to take a few big gambles to either give me a workable stack or go home .... so three hands into the final blind level of day one i picked up A/3 i shoved with it ,folded round all the way to the small blind when he asked me for a chip count then after a bit of deliberation he calls and shows me POCKET KINGS !! slow rolling ***** lol , anyway the flop came down J/Q/3 giving me three extra outs so i was around 24% underdog to spike a ace or another three ........ river card......10 giving me the gut shot of the two remaining kings but cancelling out my ace draws ..... down to 8% underdog ....... river card KING !!! ....... JUSTICE had been done for the slow roll giving him trips but giving me the nut straight !!
So now i was up to around twenty big blinds and IAN GASCOIGNE had been raising my blinds all night so i decided that this hand (on the big blind ) i was going to defend it, as expected ian raises again in the cut off (one before the dealer button ) every one folds i flat call , can`t remember the flop but know i missed everything ... i check the flop ... as expected he c-bets then i instantly shove all in ... he stares me down and asks me if i would like another double up ? which i replied i wouldn`t mind it ..... then he folds..i muck my 10/3 bluff into the middle ..DON`T tell him !!
After a few more moves i had worked my way up to around 80k with just over one minute on the clock good but not good enough ...last hand of day one i pick up pocket sevens decision time jam it in or not ? decided that if i was to have a realistic chance of cashing and not waste my time coming back for a few hands on day two i would go for it !! so i shoved and got called by the other short stack at the table ,he flips over A/Q suited ..... my sevens hold giving me a workable stack of 168,500 and sending my opponent home..

day 2

Went to franky and benny`s before the start of day two and decided then that i would need to cash just to cover there bill !! lol

Got to the dusk till dawn just before the start of day two and found out i was on the feature table brilliant added pressure ....
we were five off the money at the start of day two and it was one of the first hands i pick up pocket nines under the gun ,folds round to the player who had slow rolled me with kings .... i was tempted ...very tempted he deserved to be knocked out for the slow roll...but thankfully my brain took over why risk over two thirds of my stack on a 50/50 at best ..tikay was commentating on my hand and was stood behind me ,i flash him my hand before mucking it to which he announced it was a big fold
soon after that people started dropping like flies and we were soon in the money.....then trouble came on the table in the form of ROB YONG the owner of dtd ...i had never heard of him i thought it was owned by simon trumper .........if i thought ian gascoingne was aggro i had seen nothing yet he was in every single pot !! how do you play against someone who i presume is a millionaire with well over a million chips and playing for charity ... this guy had no fear !! i tell you how you choose your fights and you choose them well ...he was steam rolling over the table well him and ian who was still on the table ...I wasn`t going to allow myself to get blinded out and started to play back against them although most of the times i did have decent hands ... i began check raising rob and i think i started to get to him and after a few hours his jumper was off and he was complaining to tikay that he couldn`t win a hand against me ....i can`t really remember the details of too many hands but i have to say i played some of the best poker i have ever played.....he even offered to give me £100 when i made him fold to show him the bluff... i had the nuts so couldn`t `......he even said over the table he couldn`t work out if i was a really good player or a bad one ( the cheek i`m obviously a donk )
we were getting close to the final table now and i had worked my stack up to around 750k and i get a rush of blood to the head ,think the blinds were 12k/24k i pick up A/K UTG and raise to 100K know what your thinking big raise !! yes and more than i would normally raise but with ultra aggro players like rob i think its best to reverse the situation u do a standard raise they 3 bet you !! as expected he calls, flop comes down 8/8/10 terrible flop i know if i do a standard raise he is coming over the top ...... i shove he looks at me and ask for a chip count....then while the dealer is counting my stack he says he is not messing around with me and that he has the TEN !! GULP !! all the time watching me !! the hardest stare down in my life really hard not to give too many tells away when your bricking it !! had to remind myself to breathe ..he kept questioning me trying to look for reactions i then decided the best plan was to pick a spot on the table and ignore him block him out !! after what felt like an eternity and him showing me the 10 he mucks ....PHEW and breathe
there was another big hand which may have happened before or after that hand i`m not sure ,where i doubled up against rob i had pocket queens again i raised to 100k he again calls flop comes down Q/9/9 monster !!! now how to get paid ? normally against lesser players i would show weakness and let them take over the betting ( trapping ) rob however is a different barrel of fish he is way too smart for that ..so i decided to bet out think i went 100k he instantly calls me ... i try and show a little worry on my face lol don`t know if it worked ....then a blank came on the turn i raise 200k again he flat calls me ...river card ace ....BINGO !! i shove praying to god he has just hit the ace ...... he snap calls me and shows A/J !!
On to the final table hand can`t really remember too much about the final table i pretty much kept out of the way with my 1.2 million chips till we got down to the final three ......so final three and my final hand ,button folds and i pick up queen six of clubs in the small blind i decide to min raise blinds 25/50 k ....... flop comes down 4/5/6 top pair and three to the flush i raise big blind flats river card 10 clubs giving me the flush draw.... i raise to around 200k he flats again ( at this stage im putting him on the 7 ) river card 10 .......i know if i check he could shove with his missed draw so i take away his move and shove ........he instantly calls he had flopped the nuts 7/8 !!!! but i was still happy with the £3,620 for 3rd place and hope i did myself and TEAMPOKERTITANS justice.........

my 1st attempt at a blog hope it didn`t bore you too much


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3rd in the 6 max spt at the dusk till dawn :: Comments


Post on Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:08 am  Pokertrev

Nice Bloggage unbpower.
And a really well deserved cash in my opinion too.

I have done 2 similar things also.........

1. Franky & Benny's
2. Pick a Spot on the table.

In both instances you have to keep your fingers crossed & hope it don't cost you too much lol. Cost me £55 the last time I took my missus to Franky & Benny's - I think I would rather take my chances at shoving all-in and picking a spot to look at on the table lol.

Nice Read M8 - and well done again.

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Post on Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:04 am  chubbers

very nice blog unbpower,
Great read and thrilling, can imagine starring at a spot on the table.
I found the best way for me to try and avoid giving a tell is to stare at the persons nose (yes i said nose).
It's always seemed to work for me, but everyone to themselves.
Personally frankie and benny's YUK, much prefer a good pub meal..

Congrats again m8..

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Post on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:55 am  three33320

Hey m8 you shud write a book that was a thrilling tale and a great ending too. Well done.

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