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TILT by JJJach

Post  Pokertrev on Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:02 am

Hi guys my view on tilt.
1:why do we tilt
There are lots of reasons, bad beats 1 outers runner runners etc....
It is really how we allow it to affect us.
Well there are a few.
Some players believe they are actually better than what they are.Which means they could of run good so that could give itself false view on their ability.
Some people just can't stand losing.
Some people go crazy if they don't hit every flop,it does happen.
Some people take the game to seriously.
3:Affects on your game.
You are going to get worked up and therefore not make the correct decisions.
You could also swear at opponents,which does none no good.
You could of played real well and then undo all your hard work by tilting.
You will not be in the right frame of mind, you will lose make no mistake about it.
4:Do i tilt.
Yes of course i do.I don't care who you are and what level you play we all tilt.
5:How to combat tilt.

Perspective is the word.I can only speak for myself but this is how i cope.
I was watching the imformation channel and the wsop came on.It focused on jen harman john juanda and allen cunningham.I enjoyed the show so much i joined sky and nicked the players initials to make jjjach.I don't think i thought i'd ever be as good as them.I thought i'd get bored playing on the freeroll tables and say i think poker is boring.That was nearly 3 years ago.So i just love poker as much as you all.I'm a micro stakes player and play against micro stakes players.They will call my all in with k2 and flop 2 pr v my AA.That i what i want i'll take them calls all day and everyday.I will win overtime,as it has proved i will never be a pro that's for sure,but have made a few hundred quid this year.

To play for free is my aim,if i lose i don't mind as i love poker and if i make a few quid all the better.I will always give these guys the benefit of the doubt.They could be brand new to poker.Just moved up from the freeroll or maybe they are just not very good.Then again who am i to have ago at them if the play a hand badly and knock me out.I will never tell anyone how to play as it's their money.Besides i play micro stakes poker and make the incorrect poker decisions almost everyhand.

To me poker i just a game.We all want to win but we must remember that we will lose more than we win.Poker is a logical game played by illogical people.We are merely human and have emotions.We have family and friends that we love.We play poker because we love it.Perspective.......Gl at the tables guys.Remember this is just my opinion.

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